Banal political violence increases… “Future Party Vice Chair Özdağ attacked in Ankara last week…

Two more attacked on the same day… One was an anti-government nationalist journalist…

Future Party Vice Chair Özdağ attacked in Ankara

Politician Selçuk Özdağ was attacked by five people in front of his house. Özdağ is the Vice Chair of the Future Party founded and chaired by Ahmet Davutoğlu, who has defined the attack as an act of “political terror.”
Violence directed at political opponents of the Turkish state has been on the increase recently,…

Lawsuit against CHP Chair: Erdoğan demands 1 million lira in damages

President and ruling AKP Chair Erdoğan has filed a suit for damages against main opposition CHP Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu for calling him “the so-called President.” Erdoğan demands 1 million Turkish Lira in damages.

In the mean time,

A Turkish court on Monday sentenced Islamist cult group leader Adnan Oktar to 1075 years in prison…

Adnan Oktar was detained in 2018 along with more than 200 other suspects in his group

A Turkish court has sentenced a Muslim televangelist who surrounded himself with scantily clad women he called “kittens” to more than 1,000 years in jail for sex crimes.

The Financial Times – Laura Pitel in Ankara – Jan 11, 9:00 PM

This is the first part of a series looking at Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s geopolitical ambitions, from his renewed push in Africa and the fringes of Europe to his troubled relationship with the EU. In Baku’s Freedom Square last month


A list of everyone President Erdoğan thinks are terrorists

Gezi Park protesters · People supporting the Gezi Park protests · Kurds fighting ISIS · Jailed journalists · Academics for Peace · Boğaziçi students

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