EFF statement: “YouTube and TikTok Put Human Rights In Jeopardy in Turkey

YouTube and TikTok Put Human Rights In Jeopardy in Turkey

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Democracy in Turkey is in a deep crisis. Its ruling party, led by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, systematically silences marginalized voices, shuts down dissident TV channels, sentences journalists, and disregards the European Court of Human Rights decisions. As we wrote in November, in this oppressive atmosphere, Turkey’s new Social Media Law has doubled down on previous online censorship measures by requiring sites to appoint a local representative who can be served with content removal demands and data localization mandates. This company representative would also be responsible for maintaining the fast response turnaround times to government requests required by the law.

French video-hosting website Dailymotion SA and Chinese video-sharing social network TikTok have

Youtube submits to Turkey’s Social Media Law, opening representation office

Turkey had passed the Social Media Law in July 2020 and as part of this law has given a fine twice to digital platforms in the past month 10 million TL the first time and 30 million TL the second time. As digital rights & liberties activists and platforms had been waiting for the digital platforms’ response to Turkey’s coercive legislation, Youtube has announced that they would open a local office.

YouTube has announced that it will “set up a legal entity in Turkey to serve as a local representative, providing a local point of contact for the government,” in compliance with Turkey’s social media law.


Reverse Decision to Appoint Local Representative in Turkey (Istanbul, December 18, 2020) YouTube announced on December 16, 2020 that it will appoint a local representative in Turkey to comply with the country’s recently amended internet law, making…

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