Turkey has its #Metoo moment in Turkey’s literature: #uykularınızkacsın [May they lose sleep]

An author committed suicide last night after his harassing messages were revealed. Some publishers stopped working with several authors who were accused of harassment…


‘Me too’ movement in Turkey’s literature: ‘May they lose sleep’

After women exposed the harassment of writer Hasan Ali Toptaş, women have started compiling lists of “male harassers and mobbers” from different professions. Publishing houses have also been sharing statements of solidarity with women.


‘You are never alone’

A social media user named Leyla posted the following message and called on women to share their own stories:

“Dear women, we have opened an email address where women who were subjected to the harassment and violence of influential men in literature, cinema and poetry and could not find the courage to voice them for reasons known by all can share their stories. So many emails have come to the uykularinkacsin@gmail.com (May you lose sleep) that there are doctors, writers, academics, rappers, influencers among them… My dearest women, you are never alone and you will never walk alone!”

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