Turkish banks did not help and Istanbul Municipality found money from international sources for the stalled metro projects…

Istanbul secures US$580m to complete stalled metro projects

TURKEY: Work on four stalled metro projects is set to resume after Istanbul municipality successfully raised US$580m to fund construction through its

New hope that Istanbul orphanage—Europe’s largest timber building—can be saved from ruin

“The orphanage has had a painful history,” Vingas says. “But it is part of Istanbul’s legacy, and our community has a responsibility to safeguard it.

Istanbul Festival of Architecture will be Held Digitally Between 5-11 December 2020

Organized by the partnership of The Circle and Binat Communication & Consultancy and under the main sponsorship of VitrA, the Istanbul

In photos: İstanbul implements new Covid measures in İstiklal Avenue

The new coronavirus measures announced by the Ministry of Interior began to be implemented in İstanbul’s Istiklal Avenue as of 10 a.m. today

Turkey reports highest daily Covid cases, İstanbul announces 232 deaths

İstanbul Municipality’s death toll for the city was again higher than the Health Ministry’s count for the entire country. İstanbul – BIA News Desk 03

Istanbul mayor looks to global markets to fund investment

Istanbul’s opposition party mayor will continue tapping the international financial markets after a lack of funding from Turkey’s state banks spurred the

No assassination attempt on Istanbul mayor’

Turkish authorities have refuted reports of an assassination attempt on Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu.

İstanbul Mayor’s security increased due to assassination threat

The Security Directorate has refuted a report that a suspect was caught and said there were “no attempts as reported” while a municipal spokesperson has said that they were warned by the Directorate against a possible plot against İmamoğlu.

Turkey sells 10% of Borsa Istanbul shares to Qatar

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – The Turkey Wealth Fund (TWF) said on Monday it had sold 10% of shares in Borsa Istanbul to the Qatar Investment Authority for

Column: Istanbul’s Riverfront Mosque

Istanbul, Turkey, is home to more than 3,000 mosques, some of which, including the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, are internationally famous

Why Istanbul’s ancient imperial legacy lies hidden in plain sight

“The Istanbul of the Ottomans and of today both owe their existence to Constantinople and its transformation under the Byzantines from a sleepy trading
necdet yilmaz
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