My own take on the #Covid-19 days in İstanbul

8 days ago we have lost our grandmother to Covid-19. As far as I know, this is the closest relative I know who was a victim of the pandemic. I haven’t seen her much lately, the emotional impact was limited. She was 91.

Yesterday, I had to deal with an emotionally closer case. Thanks god, he is relatively fine. He and his wife and two children were in quarantine for 7 days already. The filiation team brought them relevant medicine regularly. So here is the process: If you are covid19 positive and you are not deemed to stay in an emergency room, you are sent back home and filiation teams are regularly bringing medicine and checking you out. However, he began to have breathing problems and some doctor friends advised us to call the ambulance. Ministry of Health coordinates the ambulance system and you can ask them if would like to be sent to a public or private hospital. However, the health officials in the ambulance decide to make the call for a hospital or not. They made the call and we were told that the beds are so limited we cannot decide whether we want a private or public hospital. And we were told that we were lucky to find one!

The doctor said our friend needs to stay in the hospital. It is not an emergency room but still a special room and he has to stay for an indefinite amount of time. Everyone says we were lucky enough to find a room. In the meantime, the nightly cost of the room is exorbitant and they charge you for the first six days. As usual, some are out there to exploit the needy. While we are looking for a cheaper room, we will keep him over there. Having a beloved one healthy is still better than three months of my salary for six days. If we did not ask for the ambulance, he would stay at home and unfortunate things could happen to him.  We live in such uncertainties not all caused by the virus itself but Turkey health authorities…

The streets are quiet but the war continues in the hospital emergency departments…

p.s. I took care of myself as much as possible, still, I decided not to join the weekly breakfast with my parents this weekend.


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