#istanbul news: “digitally-enhanced dancers cavorting through Istanbul (by İlhan Erşahin)

Gorgeous video of digitally-enhanced dancers cavorting through Istanbul

This video starts off with dancers grooving away in the streets of Istanbul, wearing what, at first, appear to be regular costumes — cool-looking ones, but made out of ordinary materials.

Then the costumes start morphing and growing and throwing off crazy CGI effects, and the whole t​h​i​n​g becomes a lovely, hallucinogenic riot of color, movement and song. As Colossal describes it:

Proposal to increase number of cabs in Istanbul rejected once again

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s proposal to roll out 6,000 new taxi licenses has been rejected once again by the decision of the city’s

New pandemic measures by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality

The Metropolitan Municipality of İstanbul (İMM) released a written statement about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic today (November 17)

İstanbul Mayor İmamoğlu: To me, Canal İstanbul is not a state project

In a statement explaining the reason for the investigation launched against İstanbul Metropolitan Mayor İmamoğlu, the Ministry of Interior has referred

Turkey Probes Istanbul Mayor in Fight Over ‘Crazy’ Canal

ISTANBUL (AFP) — Turkey’s interior ministry has launched a probe into the Istanbul mayor over his opposition to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s …

Fire damages historic mosque on Istanbul’s Bosporus Strait

ISTANBUL (AP) — A historic wooden mosque in Istanbul caught on fire Sunday and Turkish firefighters put out the blaze, working from both land and …

Art perseveres in Istanbul despite coronavirus

Istanbul’s art community has rolled up its sleeves this fall to make sure the shows go on, even as government restrictions to curb the coronavirus

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