Free fall continues- “Turkish lira continues to slide, trading at 10 to Euro…

The lira’s new plunge has come on the day of the US presidential election.
Turkish lira hits another record low, down over 30 pct against dollar this year

Turkey’s lira depreciated to a record against U.S. dollar on Nov. 3 due to several factors, ranging from domestic

Countries attacking Islam want to relaunch Crusades: Turkish President

Duvar English – Reuters Turkey’s deputy culture minister calls Charlie Hebdo ‘bastards, sons of bitches’ after Erdoğan

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A decade after the global financial turmoil, a new wave of crises is haunting the global South. This pattern is different from previous crisis episodes. Powerful shifts in the international order provide new policy space for emerging powers to

Turkish lira sinks amid Erdogan fury with allies

The lira hits a record low against the dollar amid jitters over Turkish regional ambitions.

Turkish Central Bank ups year-end inflation projection

Turkey’s Central Bank on Oct. 28 raised the year-end inflation forecast for both this year and next.
The Financial Times – Laura Pitel in Ankara – Oct 26, 12:27 AM

The Turkish lira reached a new record low, trading at 8 against the US dollar for the first time, after president Recep Tayyip Erdogan goaded European leaders and dared the US to hit Ankara with sanctions. The currency fell past the symbolic

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