[includes my piece, too] New “International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media and Communication” published

I had previously posted about my piece and now it is officially out.

Our editor, Prof. Karen Ross today shared the good news:

Hi colleagues – entirely shameless promotion of new resource to which some of you have contributed entries, so thanks to everyone involved: it was a labour of love but I’m pretty pleased with the final result.

The International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media, and Communication comprises 260 entries by an international team of both established and emerging scholars in the field. This innovative resource explores how gender is represented in media, who produces the content, and the ways in which audiences receive and understand media messages. The contributors offer original insights on diverse aspects of gender in film, television, visual media, social and digital media and more.

Three alphabetically-organized volumes explore contexts and issues, production, fiction and non-fiction representation, and audience consumption. Each entry provides an overview of the topic, a list of additional readings, and cross-references to related entries in the encyclopedia. Sub-topics are thematically organized, covering a wide range of issues, genres, and media formats. Comprehensive and up-to-date, the encyclopedia places gender at the centre of both historical and contemporary debates in the broad field of media and communication. This unique work:

  • Presents contemporary scholarship on a vast array of topics including film biographies, TV, film and radio histories and genres, gender representation in news, and screen-based entertainment media
  • Explores the concept of gender as both stereotype and non-conforming with essays dealing critically with issues around identity, sexuality, and intersectionality
  • Includes essays which range from women film producers to the boy detective, from queer cinema to political communication, from gender and news to the racialized body, and many things in between
  • Acknowledges the importance of the digital media landscape with numerous essays on digital and social media, from online dating to the quantified self to feminist media activism
  • Discusses new research questions about the fusion of production, representation, and reception in media

The 3-volume hard copy is pretty expensive at just under £500 but libraries can purchase the hard copy through this link and can also purchase e-copies through this link.  There are 10 free entries to download and all entries are available for individual purchase, see here.


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