“#Istanbul Film Festival to be available online, in theaters in October… a news roundup


The 39th Istanbul Film Festival will host movie enthusiasts in theaters between Oct. 9 and Oct. 20, while online viewings will be ongoing as well, the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) noted.

Tickets will become available on Oct. 2 and the film festival will be combined with IKSV’s other cinema event Filmekimi, hosting galas for the latter.

Movies competing for this year’s International Golden Tulip Award are focused on a “new look at cinema,” and will only be available online.


US FinCEN files expose dirty oil shipment schemes from Istanbul to Syria

ISTANBUL: Despite the embargo on oil business with Syria, some Turkish companies are bypassing sanctions through an offshore network. Recently .

Istanbul Airport receives ‘Chinese Friendly Airport’ certificate

‘We have implemented a series of measures to make Chinese passengers at home,’ said Kadri Samsunlu, the CEO of Istanbul Airport’s operator IGA.

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