“Turkey records over 70 daily coronavirus deaths for first time since May


Turkey on Sept. 23 reported 72 daily coronavirus deaths — its highest since the beginning of May. The country had registered 78 fatalities from the virus on May 2, and since then daily virus deaths had remained below 70 – i.e. until Sept. 23.

According to the Health Ministry data, the country reported 1,767 new virus cases and 1,027 recoveries. The overall case count now stands at 308,069, with 270,723 recoveries.

The figures also showed that the number of patients in critical condition has risen to 1,561, while 6.7 percent suffer from pneumonia.

‘280 racist attacks in Turkey in 10 years’

A report released by the Human Rights Association (İHD) shows that 280 racist attacks have taken place and 47 graves


About one quarter of students in Istanbul don’t have access to educational materials provided by the Education Ministry, as they lack the technological infrastructure required to view the materials, daily BirGün reported on Sept. 21, as first graders and kindergarten students attended the first day of school.


Sexist, discriminatory words in Press Advertising Agency dictionaries

In three dictionaries sent by the Press Advertising Agency (BİK), a public institution, to media outlets, there are discriminating and sexist words about women, including words that the Turkish Language Association (TDK) decided to remove from its dictionaries.

The Istanbul Convention is a Council of Europe treaty designed to prevent violence against women

Screenshot from Anit Sayac home page.

website called Anit Sayac (Turkish for “monument tracker”) indicates the number “276” on its home page at the time of writing this story. It represents the number of women who were murdered in domestic violence attacks in Turkey—just in 2020. The counter is updated every day. But it is the names of the victims, written just below it, that strike the site’s visitors.


Armenians were the most targeted group in hate speech in the Turkish media in the past year, according to an annual report prepared by the Hrant Dink Foundation.

The report titled “Hate Speech in Media and Discriminatory Discourse in Media in 2019” said that there were 5,515 instances of hate speech in the past year and Armenians were targeted 803 times.

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