The new Foreign Policy style: Slamming… “Turkish Foreign Ministry condemns, slams more than 10 countries in September

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has cited at least 11 countries and two entities in a negative manner…


350 women, primarily academics, intellectuals and actors, have signed a petition calling for peace for their countries as tensions have flared up between Turkey and Greece due to energy rights in the eastern Mediterranean.

Among the Turkish women who signed the petition are actresses Jülide Kural and Füsun Demirel, writer Ayşe Kulin, writer and Duvar English columnist Ece Temelkuran and politician Binnaz Toprak. The petition was launched by women’s rights activist Gülseren Onanç and can be accessed on the website:

European Parliament calls on Turkey to ‘end illegal drilling activities’ in Eastern Mediterranean

MEPs call on Turkey to end ‘illegal drilling activities’ in Eastern Mediterranean

Duvar English Members of the European Parliament have voiced their concern regarding the ongoing dispute in the
NATO-brokered talks between Turkey, Greece to recommence | Ahval

Turkey downplays survey ship pull-out, to continue escalation | The Arab Weekly

Under international pressure, Turkey’s research ship Oruç Reis, at the centre of a tense row with
Erdoğan warns Macron: ‘Don’t mess with Turkey’

Turkish leader hits back after criticism from French president, as US says it has ‘deep concerns’ over Turkey’s energy search The
Foreign Policy – Ayca Alemdaroglu – Sep 16, 7:59 AM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used to send shockwaves to Beijing with his outspoken support of China’s Uighur minority, a predominantly Turkic-speaking Muslim group in Xinjiang that is subject to horrific human rights violations.

Anadolu Ajansı

Turkey’s ruling party on Thursday accused French President Emmanuel Macron of extending his country’s long history of colonialism. “Macron continues colonialism, while our President [Recep Tayyip Erdogan] continues to defend the interests of

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