Quoted in a CPJ analysis: “Turkish courts play whack-a-mole with independent news outlets

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A screenshot from a computer in Turkey shows what it looks like when a person tries to visit the original addresses of four popular news sites which were blocked by court order. All four sites have relaunched and been blocked multiple times at new addresses. They are currently accessible at different URLs. (Özgür Öğret)


Turkish courts play whack-a-mole with independent news outlets

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In March, 2020, Turkey’s Constitutional Court issued an unexpected decision, overruling a local court that blocked a news website in 2015, according to news reports. But the editor who filed the appeal with the court remains unhappy, he told CPJ via WhatsApp, because the original website remains inaccessible in Turkey — along with the 62 replacements that were blocked, one by one, ever since.

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