#Cyberculture agenda: “How Digital Ads Subsidize the Worst of the Web…

Facebook has faced a lot of criticism over the years for failing to moderate hate speech. Its policies have come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks thanks to the Stop Hate for Profit campaign. Started by civil rights groups in the US, the campaign has led to some of Facebook’s biggest customers pulling their ads from the social media platform for the month of July. As much as 99% of Facebook’s US$70.7 billion (£55 billion) in revenues come through advertising and the boycott initially resulted in an 8% knock to Facebook’s market value (amounting to US$72 billion). Yet, even with…

Follow the Money: How Digital Ads Subsidize the Worst of the Web

From Covid conspiracies to election scams, automated advertising software plays a large—and largely unseen—role.
Apple aside, anticompetitive practices by Amazon, Facebook, and Google have corroded democracy and sabotaged the nation’s pandemic response.

Don’t Be Fooled by Big Tech’s Anti-China Sideshow

During Wednesday’s antitrust hearing, tech CEOs leaned into the same pernicious argument to distract from the fact that US tech companies do bad things too.

Congress grills Facebook over its acquisitions and feature cloning

During a massive antitrust hearing, Congress tried to force Mark Zuckerberg to answer some of the toughest questions yet

A Merciless Ranking of Tech CEOs’ Rooms

Zuckerberg, Bezos, Pichai, and Cook all testified by videoconference to Congress. Only two of their offices had books.

Trump says he will sign the order to ban TikTok today

TikTok might be looking at a ban in the US soon, as President Donald Trump said he could sign the executive order to block the app by Saturday. According to a report from Bloomberg, Trump told reporters on Friday night that the app will be banned from the country

The Facebook and Amazon Documents That Captivated the Hearing

Here’s a look at how Mark Zuckerberg plotted the Instagram acquisition. Plus: Inside Amazon’s plan to take down Diapers.com.

Big Tech told Congress there’s loads of competition. This chart says otherwise

The chief execs of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet (FAAA) took turns defending their business practices during

How the Alleged Twitter Hackers Got Caught

Bitcoin payments and IP addresses led investigators to two of the alleged perpetrators in just over two weeks.

Just days after taking the oath of office, President Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of legislative attacks on marginalized communities: ripping immigrant families apart, blocking access to abortion, and banning transgender people from military service.

Twitter deletes Trump tweets promoting Covid conspiracy and lie about killed protestor

Twitter removed two rule-breaking Trump tweets last night . One touted the conspiracy theory that hydroxychloroquine

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