#Cyberculture agenda: “Europe Proves Contact-Tracing Apps Aren’t A Coronavirus Cure-All…

Twitter Cracks Down on QAnon. Your Move, Facebook

Twitter’s new policy won’t make the conspiracy group disappear. But experts say it could dramatically reduce its ability to

Twitter Is Finally Going After QAnon

Twitter is essentially banning QAnon conspiracy theory content.

A system which worsens discrimination.

Facial recognition technology analyses the structure of faces to allow identification of individuals. Image used with permission. Source: Pikrepo

Predictive policing algorithms are racist. They need to be dismantled.

Yeshimabeit Milner was in high school the first time she saw kids she knew getting handcuffed and stuffed into police cars. It was February 29, 2008, and the principal of a nearby school in Miami, with a majority Haitian and African-American population, had put one of his students in a chokehold. The next day several dozen kids staged a peaceful demonstration. It didn’t go well.

Twitter says hackers ‘manipulated’ employees to access accounts

Twitter locked large number of accounts in damage control move after high-profile attack on the social media company.

Twitter attack was work of young hacker pals: NYT

Hackers involved in the high-profile hijacking of Twitter accounts earlier this week were young pals with no links to state

The Big Twitter Hack Keeps Getting Stranger and Stranger

If this incident was, in fact, the result of social engineering, that’s good news.

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