Turkey’s -in @CilerDursun ‘s words- “post-truth ministry” now has a huge tall building

Turkish Presidency’s Directorate of Communication just had a building and put their name and logo on it. Ignoring thoughts possible phallic imagery, one questions why they need such a major building while they have recently built a massive presidential palace. I guess post-truth production is one of the best the ruling party is at right now and they like to show off. The directorate is so active that it practically overrides all pro-government media outlets and other venues. Now this is place for a perfect 1984 setting

Online streaming is one of the few industries to enjoy a boom out of lockdown restrictions, and Turkish TV dramas have found great success, reaching audiences all over the world.
The New York Times – Carlotta Gall – Jul 5, 2:00 AM

This Turkish river valley was prized for millennia for its beauty and treasures. But the government wanted people to make way for a new mega-project: the Ilisu Dam. The authorities dispatched bulldozers to demolish homes and bazaars. Today the…

Museum in central Turkey dedicated to ‘Little Prince’

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