#Cyberculture agenda: Facebook faces the most major advertiser boycott so far…

Mark Zuckerberg’s promise to add labels to rule-breaking posts from politicians hasn’t stopped more big-name advertisers from joining an advertising boycott of the social network. Coca-Cola, Hershey and Honda are among the latest high-profile compani…
The Great Facebook Boycott: Will it make any difference?

Big brands are part of an advt boycott against Facebook over racist content and hate speech. Plus, bookshelf backdrops.
Apple dictating countries’ contact-tracing app policies won’t help its EU anti-trust probe

There’s a growing problem with Apple’s role in the contact-tracing apps that countries are developing to help fight the
The Worst Hacks and Breaches of 2020 So Far

Iran, China, Russia—the gang was all here in the first half of this year. Oh, and also an unprecedented pandemic that’s

Anonymous Stole and Leaked a Megatrove of Police Documents

The so-called BlueLeaks collection includes internal memos, financial records, and more from over 200 state, local, and federal agencies.

Facial recognition leads to wrongful arrest of Black man in Detroit

A Black man in Detroit was wrongfully arrested and detained by police who mis-identified him with a false facial recognition hit. The case of Robert Williams, an innocent person who was held in police custody for a day, is the first publicly reported case of artificial intelligence resulting in a false arrest in the United States.

TikTok users and K-pop fans say they wrecked Trump’s Tulsa rally

It’s no secret that President Trump’s Tulsa rally on June 20th had attendance far short of his campaign’s expectations, but that might have been due in part to a relatively new force in politics: internet-savvy teens. As the New York Times and Vultur…

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