Saving the Open Technology Fund! #Cyberculture agenda

Michael Pack, a Bannon ally, has been
appointed as the director of the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM).
This body oversees four organizations, namely Middle East Broadcasting,
Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and the Open
Technology Fund. Last Wednesday Pack has fired the heads of all
aforementioned bodies, and replaced OTF’s independent expert board [0].The Open Technology Fund has been fundamental in the support of tools
and research into privacy, anti-censorship, and decentralization tools.
Examples of projects that have been supported by OTF are Signal, Tor,
GlobaLeaks, as well as many researchers through the Information Controls
Fellowship and other programs.A number of human rights and digital rights organizations have already
put out statements about this:Citizen Lab:
Human Rights Watch:
Article 19:
Access Now:

You can support OTF by signing the following statement, either as individual, or with your organization, or perhaps with you research group.

NBC News – Jun 15, 1:54 PM

Mark Zuckerberg has championed Facebook’s commitment to free speech as a reason not to act on incendiary posts from President Donald Trump about the Black Lives Matter protests. It’s a standard that activists and journalists in the Middle East wish

In recent weeks as antiracism and anti-police violence protests continue around the country, the movement to defund and abolish policing in America has rapidly gained momentum. As Black communities have asserted for decades, people have begun to wonder in earnest what purpose police serve. They’re asking when there’s a problem in our communities, do we really need a person with a gun showing up to solve it? What would a system oriented around public safety look like if it was designed from scratch rather than just piling more responsibility onto and funding into increasingly militarized and unaccountable police departments?

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