So why one needs firearmed Neighborhood Guards when there are already police forces?

Guards have been authorized to carry weapons and detain suspects after nine articles of a law proposal were approved.


Watchmen in Turkey will have the authority to use force and weapons in accordance with an article of a bill approved in parliament.

Nine articles of the bill were backed by deputies amid concerns on abuse of power.

According to the two articles that stipulate granting watchmen the said authorities, the watchmen will be able to apprehend those sought with a warrant and hand them over to security forces in the area.

US ‘deeply troubled’ by Turkey’s conviction of US consulate employee Topuz

Duvar English The United States is deeply troubled by the decision of a Turkish court today to convict U.S.
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Ignoring U.S. arguments that the charges were baseless, a court convicted Metin Topuz of aiding the group that Turkey

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