I knew it! “Activists are turning TikTok trends into political statements

I talked to some representatives from Tiktop six months ago. When I was told there is not much politics, I told them they were lucky that TikTok did not exist when Gezi Park Protests happened. Now the protests in the US- my Tiktok feed is full of protest videos!

The Washington Post – Dalton Bennett – Jun 8, 1:45 PM

Late in the day on June 1, demonstrators gathered near the White House, on the edge of Lafayette Square, to protest police abuse following the death in custody of Minneapolis resident George Floyd. Similar protests had erupted across the country

This isn’t hypocrisy. It’s their job.

TikTok, the viral video sharing platform, has been one of the biggest hits of lockdown. Content that originated on the app, like nurses dancing in UK hospitals, has jumped to mainstream TV coverage. TikTok even put its first ad on UK television, made in isolation. TikTok’s user base has grown rapidly over the lockdown period, with 315 million downloads in the first quarter of 2020. It is not difficult to see why it has found its lockdown niche: the infinite scroll of content there is addictive and less stressful than news-driven platforms. TikTok videos are usually made at home, and…

The NY Times has compiled aerial photos & videos of Saturday’s protests against racism & police violence from across the United States and around the world. This is Philadelphia:

Some of the largest protests have been in Europe; here’s Berlin:

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