MPs stripped of status and then arrested. The Turkish Parliament is being rendered into a non-entity…

Stripped of their MP status yesterday, HDP’s Leyla Güven and Musa Farisoğulları and main opposition CHP’s Enis Berberoğlu have been arrested.

Let alone the failure to make news on male violence amid corona, the biggest hardship in monitoring media for male violence news perhaps lies in the media. Both the news with an ideological interpretation of statistics and routine news still normalize violence.
“I urge Turkey to respect its international obligations and to implement the judgement of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) swiftly,” Germany’s Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth has said in a written statement.
Human Rights Watch – Jun 2, 12:54 PM

(Strasbourg) – The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers should issue a decision at its June 4, 2020 meeting directing Turkey to release human rights defender Osman Kavala and drop all charges against him, Human Rights Watch,

Turkish TV host sentenced to more than a year in prison over criticizing state-run news agency

Turkish television host Metin Uca was sentenced to one year, two months and 17 days in prison for
Killed by a police bullet during Gezi protests in the capital city of Ankara in 2013, Ethem Sarısülük has been commemorated at Güvenpark. The statement for the press could be held following police intervention.

The 7th anniversary of Gezi Resistance has been marked in Taksim: “The darkness that took Berkin, Ethem, Medeni, Ali İsmail, Hasan Ferit, Abdullah, Ahmet and Mehmet away from us in Gezi is the same darkness that stopped George Floyd’s breath.”
Al-Monitor – Ayla Jean Yackley – Jun 1, 10:44 PM

Vulnerable groups have faced intimidation or worse in recent weeks in what both the government and the opposition warn are efforts to stoke conflict, though they disagree on who’s to blame. ISTANBUL — Ethnic and religious minorities in

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