Examples of mismanagement: What to do with the masks

Turkish government first decided to distribute free masks to all citizens who had applied through the e-government site. Selling was banned. In every step, the conditions of distribution changed. In the end, many received relatively simple – not particularly reliable- masks. The distribution was uneven, belated but most got some kind of masks. Then we are now told we will be able to buy masks. But the government aims to set the maximum price for a mask. Let’s see how it will go…

How not to distribute masks: Turkey’s Covid-19 Management

One of the biggest problems experienced in Turkey since the first Covid-19 case was announced on March 11 has been distribution of masks. The country announced adequate number of masks, however these masks have never been effectively distributed across the country and 9 different directives were announced in 8 weeks regarding mask management.

Ankara will permit the sale of masks once again, after forbidding it April 3, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said May 4.

“We’re planning to allow the sale of masks. We will set price ceilings for each type of mask to protect our consumers,” Erdoğan noted.

The sale of surgical masks has been prohibited for a month in Turkey, as the government took on the responsibility of distributing supplies for free.

Turkey’s Normalization Plan as Covid-19 management

A schedule for normalization has been set in Turkey after AKP chair & President Erdoğan announced relaxation of

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