A radical musician, #İbrahimGökçek, was on death strike in order to make music and now even a proper funeral is denied #DirenGazi

Hawkish security establishment, which went back to its ultranationalist roots, has been aiming at the radical leftist music band, Grup Yorum, for a while. It is ironic, among many others AKP ironies has, that a decade ago Grup Yorum had massive concerts in the very urban centers. Now, it is one of the objects of demonization. Its performances are banned. Nearly all its members are imprisoned. Thus started that controversial death fasting to protest these restrictions. Unfortunately, first Helin Bölek passed away on 3 April. Gökçek stopped the action after 300 days but his health had deteriorated to such an extent that he died yesterday.

Today I see the news that revengeful police forces are now attacking the funeral that takes place in Gazi Neighborhood.



Letter from İbrahim Gökçek: Of Course, I Want to Live

İbrahim Gökçek of the Grup Yorum music band has been on a death fast for 322 days, demanding the release of the

According to the annual report of the Human Rights Association (İHD), 1,344 meetings and demonstrations were intervened last year and 3,935 people were subjected to beating and ill treatment during these interventions.

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