Turkish autocrats at work: “Grand Censorship Attempt Targeting Social Media in Turkey + ‘China-Style’ Coronavirus Tracker + Homophobic campaign against Netflix…


Grand Censorship Attempt Targeting Social Media in Turkey

A package bill expected to be dsicussed at the Parliament soon contains serious censorship threats targeting social media and free expression in Turkey.

While the governing alliance has been drafting a package bill to address needs of the society in the days of intense struggle against coronavirus, it has been revealed that the draft package bill includes a new censorship wave targeting messaging applications and social media platforms. The package bill foresees reforming of the 5651 Internet Publications Law. As part of the planned revisions..

Governing AKP in Turkey proposed a new economic relief package consisting of 66 articles, aims to aid the economy that is troubled due to Covid-19 outbreak. However among the details of the package is a detail that has been mentioned before to bring digital enterprises and social media companies to Turkey for enhanced communication with the government.

A warning message will be sent to Covid-19 patients’ mobile phones if they violate quarantine.

Duvar English

Conservative Twitters users in Turkey have boycotted the streaming service Netflix on Twitter for bringing a new Turkish series having LGBT characters.

The hashtag #netflixadamol (which translates as “Netflix, be a man”) became trending on Twitter on April 8, following hint that one of the main characters in Aşk 101 TV series (Love 101) will be LGBT.

Many of these unfair actions violate international law

Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain Alhathloul is one of many human rights defenders who remain in jail in the Middle East, despite multiple calls to release them amid COVID-19 fears. Photo credit: Loujain Al-Hathloul via OTRS system / CC BY-SA.

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