The joys of working from home.

#Covid-19 updates: “Turkey’s coronavirus death toll reaches 649 with 30,217 cases

Turkey’s death toll from the coronavirus rose by 75 to total 649 and new confirmed cases rose by 3,148 to bring the country’s total to 30,217, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on April 6.

The joys of working from home.

Zeitgeist Turkey | Episode 3: Donations for coronavirus revives polarization in Turkish politics

Duvar English’s editor-in-chief Cansu Çamlıbel and pollster Can Selçuki look for answers to why the Turkish government still persists in not calling a total lockdown in major cities where the numbers of positive cases and death toll reached alarming levels.

Duvar English’s editor-in-chief Cansu Çamlıbel and pollster Can Selçuki discuss the latest developments in Turkey’s battle with COVID-19 in the face of rapidly increasing cases, especially in Istanbul which has quickly become a national epicenter of the outbreak.

Municipalities vs. Erdoğan’s gov’t

There is no need to explain the depth of the crisis created by the coronavirus. The modern world has never seen anything like this and today all of our lives are on hold due to this pandemic. Our main priority today is the health crisis caused by the spread of this virus. The cursory results April survey on which is still being conducted, demonstrates that the awareness on the significance of coronavirus is much higher among the public compared to two weeks ago. This increase in awareness is probably due to the announcement made by the Minister of Health regarding the total number of positive cases by city. I wish the Ministry of Health had announced these numbers earlier.

These are the two COVID-19 data sites I incessantly check

Even tho they are only updated once a day (at most) I check, check and re-check 91-divoc and the IHME COVID-19 Projections

Not to be confused with the band the Mountain Goats (who should also take over more small Welsh towns), these hoofed mammals stormed the streets of Llandudno. While the 20,000 people in this seaside town stayed indoors to avoid the coronavirus, the goats saw an opportunity to reclaim the land as their own — to which I say, frolic, you glorious beasts, and may you continue to reign long after this is over.

Portrait of a Coronavirus

Soon after the CDC started to mobilize to address Covid-19, medical illustrators Alissa Eckert & Dan Higgins were asked to

Turkey declares curfew for people younger than 20 years of age

Duvar English Turkey has declared a curfew for people younger than 20 years of age, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said

Coronavirus: Turkey sets strict measures as cases soar

Authorities ramp up restrictions but still have not imposed a full lockdown to curb the coronavirus.

Turkey Restricts Entrance, Exit to 31 Cities, Mandates Face Masks over Covid-19

Wearing face masks in crowded areas has been mandated and a curfew has been imposed on people under the age of 20,

In late March, as cases of Covid-19 sped toward 1 million worldwide and deaths approached 50,000, the Democratic Republic of Congo quietly achieved a public health milestone: Forty days with no new cases of Ebola.

What Embassies Tweet About During COVID-19

Diplomacy is not immune to the Covid-19 virus. For the first time since the 17thcentury, diplomats and world leaders no longer meet face-to-face to address shared challenges or resolve shared grievances. The UN is closed, the WTO is out of session and G7 meetings take place through video conference calls. Embassies, traditionally tasked with maintaining ties between governments and peoples are also closed, or operating at a limited capacity. Ambassadors cannot open art exhibits; press attachés are unable to court journalists while consular departments are not open to the public. Nearly all mechanisms of modern diplomacy have come to a grinding halt.

1918 to COVID-19: 100 years of covering pandemics

Lessons from the coverage of the 1918 Spanish flu.

Coronavirus: Quarantined Italian village turned into human laboratory

Could a tiny hilltop village in Italy help us solve some of the mysteries around coronavirus?

This Map Shows the Global Spread of Zero-Day Hacking Techniques

The collection of countries using those secret hacking techniques has expanded far beyond the usual suspects.

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