The campaign: Journalists Should be Released Before Virus Enters Prison [in Turkey]

“Journalists, students and politicians who are treated as ‘terrorists’ because of their news, statements and views should be included in the new regulation on criminal execution,” the initiative has said.

According to the “Women in Politics 2020” Map prepared by UN Women and IPU, Turkey ranks 138th in the category of women in ministerial positions while it ranks 122nd in the category of women in parliament, marking a degrade of two rankings.
Turkish authorities have evacuated thousands of migrants who had been waiting at the border with Greece hoping to make their way into Europe, as a precaution amid the coronavirus pandemic, Turkey’s interior minister said on March 27.
Around 720,000 Turkish children aged between five and 17 are working, the Turkish Statistical…
Making a statement about the condition of ill prisoners in Turkey amid COVID-19 outbreak, the Human Rights Association (İHD) has called on the President to “use his authority to release without making exceptions.”

Indictment Against 4 People, Including 3 Police Officers, 5 Years After Tahir Elçi Murder

An indictment has been brought against four accused suspects, including three police officers, five years after Diyarbakır Bar Association Chair Tahir Elçi was murdered in Diyarbakır. The indictment has been sent to court.

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