Nice piece: “The UNESCO Site That Never Was [Hasankeyf]

The UNESCO Site That Never Was SAPIENS by Durrie Bouscaren The people of Hasankeyf, Turkey, have long enjoyed the nearby Tigris River, seen here in 2019. Recently, the creation of the Ilisu Dam has submerged their town. Burak Kara/Getty Images In some of Zeynep Ahunbay’s earliest memories of southeastern Turkey, birds fly high above the town of … Read more

#Europe agenda: “Germany’s new Berlin airport set for take off, nine years late (!)

But I liked the old one. I have good memories of it. Let’s see how it will be with the new one… Germany’s new Berlin airport set for take off, nine years late BBC News | Europe | World Edition  There may be no passengers on the horizon but the long-awaited airport will launch in October. … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: “Amnesty 2019 Report: Judiciary is Still a Tool of Pressure in Turkey

Amnesty 2019 Report: Judiciary is Still a Tool of Pressure in Turkey Bianet :: English From Amnesty International 2019 Report on Turkey: “There were severe restrictions on the rights to freedom of Human Rights Watch: Allegations of Abduction and Torture Not Investigated in Turkey Bianet :: English Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on the authorities … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: “I can’t keep my optimism, Osman Kavala says…

I can’t keep my optimism, Osman Kavala says in letter marking 2.5 years in prison Duvar English I’m ashamed on their behalf, Kavala says after successive arrest rulings The influential Mustafa Koçak Dies on 297th Day of Death Fast Bianet :: English Koçak (28) was on a death fast for a fair trial after having been … Read more

#Anthropology roundup: “An anthropologist explains how #COVID-19 will change work forever

VIDEO | An anthropologist explains how COVID-19 will change work forever Fast Company VIDEO | An anthropologist explains how COVID-19 will change work forever  Fast Company Coronavirus and Coping With Death SAPIENS by Anna Goldfield While sheltering in place in California during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my graduation day—but … Read more

The consequences of disinformation is real: “Woman opens fire on cellular tower workers- #Cyberculture roundup

Woman opens fire on cellular tower workers Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza A woman in North Carolina was arrested this week in November 2019 after opening fire on workers maintaining a cellular tower near her home, reports WSOC TV in Charlotte. None of the workers were hit. How Apple and Google’s Social Distancing Maps Work Wired Top Stories by David Nield … Read more

Three sites in Turkey added to UNESCO’s tentative list…

  Historic Beypazarı district enters UNESCO list Hurriyet Daily News Ankara’s historic Beypazaro district on April 18 entered the tentative list of UNESCO with its thousands of years old history. Valley in Central Turkey becomes tentative UNESCO World Heritage site Duvar English Koramaz Valley in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri was added to the tentative list … Read more

Battle of words between Turkey and NYT on #COVID-19 death toll in Turkey…

Turkey refutes NYT article on Istanbul COVID-19 deaths Hurriyet Daily News Turkey’s health minister on April 22 refuted allegations in a recent New York Times article on the death toll in Istanbul Istanbul Death Toll Hints Turkey Is Hiding a Wider Coronavirus Calamity The New York Times – Carlotta Gall – Apr 20, 11:47 AM ISTANBUL … Read more

Resistance against lock-downs, here and abroad #Covid-19 updates…

There is news that some ideologically committed Americans are out there, doing their folly. Some Germans also did their own thing in at least Berlin. I have not seen any direct action against lockdown orders in Turkey. Well, any street protests against a government order are hard to perform nowadays. Instead, some Turks, secretly, are … Read more

Pollution drops, Peaks of Uludağ Mountain visible from #Istanbul… a news roundup…

Peaks of Uludağ Mountain visible from Istanbul as pollution drops amid coronavirus lockdown Duvar English Uludağ, which is the highest mountain of northwestern Turkey, has become visible from Istanbul, due to the reduction of air pollution caused by the country’s coronavirus lockdown. Istanbulites have posted photos online of the views from their homes, showing peaks of the … Read more

Admission: “Turkey Doesn’t Impose Full Lockdown Due to ‘Economic Costs,’ Says Erdoğan’s Spokesperson

  Mafia leader thanks nationalist party leader, Erdoğan after being released from jail Duvar English A mafia leader who was released from prison on April 16 has penned a letter to Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, thanking them for the bill that paved the way for his release. Alaattin … Read more

#Covid-19 updates: Countries with the Women Leaders – The Best Coronavirus Reponses

First Translator of Joyce’s Ulysses into Turkish Nevzat Erkmen Dies of Covid-19 Bianet :: English Writer and translator Nevzat Erkmen, the first translator of James Joyce’s Ulysses into Turkish, has lost her life due to Covid-19. He was also the translator of Carlos Castaneda’s books and Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. [Coronavirus] Half of refugees at German … Read more

Turkish government’s release law seems to be helping mafia leaders, child abusers and other criminals while jailed journalists and political prisoners are left behind…

Turkey: Prison release law leaves innocent and vulnerable prisoners at risk of COVID-19 Amnesty International – Apr 13, 9:48 PM Responding to the passing of a new law which is expected to allow for the early release of up to 100,000 prisoners in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, but fails to cover many others who … Read more

After a little bit of resignation drama, Turkey’s heavy-handed minister is back in business

Süleyman Soylu is the best possible person to be an Interior Minister and thus he keeps his job. He is an executioner and hard-line nationalists’ man in the government. Yes, he has issues with the son-in-law but for the moment he is still needed. There was an attempt to manufacture some approval rate for him … Read more

Curfew in major cities declared late at night, then things get interesting in Turkey:

After so much of self-isolation, people got out to get bread etc and most may end up getting the virus:( Ministry Imposes Last-Minute Curfew for Weekend, People Queue Up in Front of Groceries Bianet :: English The Interior Ministry has imposed a curfew for 31 cities with a higher population for the weekend as temperatures are … Read more