Citizens were expecting some kind of financial aid, then, instead, Erdoğan asked them to donate…

It is called the National Solidary Campaign. Several IBAN numbers are released. So citizens are supposed to help other citizens who need financial assistance. One wonders where the taxes go. Or the unemployment fund. All coffers seem to be empty. Istanbul and Ankara municipalities were already mobilized. But the government is jealous.  Ministry of Internal Affairs stopped these campaigns. Erdoğan donated his salaries for a few months that would be around 300 thousand Turkish liras. His palace’s daily expense is claimed to be 2 million Turkish liras…

Turkey’s Interior Ministry has said that municipalities run by the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) are “not abiding by the laws” in donation campaigns they launched during the coronavirus outbreak.

UPDATE: Both Istanbul and Ankara municipality bank accounts for fighting coronavirus now appear to have been shut on the orders of Turkey’s Interior Minister, effectively for competing with Erdogan’s campaign.

Suspicions grow in the announced numbers of Covid-19 cases in Turkey

The numbers announced in Turkey with regards to the impact of coronavirus outbreak has been subject of discussion among general public and civil society. Various organizations are considering the numbers announced by Ministry of Health to be misleading.

The Ministry of Health holds a central position in terms of struggle against the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and its impact in Turkey. The announced numbers do not specify the geospecific statistics, causing speculation and raising suspicions.

Turkey’s coronavirus deaths up to 214, with 15,422 total cases: minister

Turkey’s deaths from the new coronavirus increased by 46 to 214 on March 31, as the number of confirmed cases rose by 2,704 to
Journalism in times of COVID19: an update from Turkey

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Turkey persists in detaining and arresting new journalists. Calls by human rights organisations for the release of journalists and activists are multiplying

In the joint statement, it has been indicated, “We call on the Turkish authorities to immediately and unconditionally release journalists, human rights defenders and others who have been charged or convicted simply for exercising their rights.”

Turkish gov’t blocks municipal aid drives after launching national pandemic campaign | Ahval

Turkish municipalities cannot collect financial aid during the coronavirus pandemic without…

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