#Covid19 updates: “Citizens 65 Years and Older, Chronically Ill Restricted from Going Out in Public

Minister of Health has announced that 12 more people have lost their lives and 277 new Covid-19 cases have been diagnosed in Turkey in the last 24 hours. Accordingly, the death toll has increased to 21 and the number of cases to 947.
As part of coronavirus measures, the Ministry of Interior has restricted citizens who are 65 years and older and who have chronic diseases from going out in public and walking in open areas such as parks and gardens as of this midnight.

Connecting people with COVID-19 information and resources

Since the beginning of the year, search interest in COVID-19 has continued to climb around the world. Right now the disease is the largest topic people are looking for globally, surpassing even some of the most common and consistent queries we see in Search.

About a million of the people who are members of the Reddit discussion group r/coronavirus joined in just the past week. The subreddit is getting some recognition now as a pretty reliably good source of community-moderated news and information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

WhatsApp Is at the Center of Coronavirus Response

The World Health Organization is partnering with the messaging app to help ensure trustworthy information gets out.
How is it spread? Why’s it called “coronavirus”? Dr. Seema Yasmin answers your burning questions about the pandemic.
After İstanbul mayor complained that more than 100 thousand older people use public transport daily, a district municipality has removed park benches to discourage the elderly from going out during the pandemic.

A professor from Turkish Health Ministry’s Science Council has listed the provinces under the highest risk of coronavirus (COVID-19), as the country struggles to contain the highly contagious virus.

Health experts say the virus has likely been in some U.S. communities for weeks, and that some people have…
PM Igor Matovic assumes office at a ceremony with participants wearing facial masks as precaution against COVID-19.
Time – Abigail Abrams – Mar 19, 2:55 PM

When Danni Askini started feeling chest pain, shortness of breath and a migraine all at once on a Saturday in late February, she called the oncologist who had been treating her lymphoma. Her doctor thought she might be reacting poorly to a new

Social media users in Turkey have pointed to the ages of politicians after the country imposed a partial curfew on March 21 for citizens over the age of 65 and those with chronic diseases.

Dozens of politicians are above the age of 65 in Turkey, with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan being 66 years old.

An entrepreneur’s guide to startup resources during the COVID-19 outbreak

A message of ‘stay safe’ is being said and shared repeatedly these weeks, and it’s echoed across communities with great

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