From Osman Kavala to Odatv, crackdown on civil society continues unabated…

The access block on the Odatv news site has similarities with the censorship of Wikipedia as the internet law functioned as a mechanism of censorship in both cases, according to the law professor.
Following the re-arrest of Osman Kavala yesterday, his attorney Koyuncu has released a statement: “Now they will say that ‘Osman Kavala has been arrested on another charge, so the ECtHR verdict of right violation cannot be implemented’.”

Osman Kavala Now Also Arrested for ‘Espionage’

The new verdict of arrest for “espionage” has been given for imprisoned businessperson Osman Kavala one day

Osman Kavala: Accusation of Espionage Even More Ridiculous Than Previous Ones

Sharing a message from prison following his re-arrest for “espionage”, Kavala has said, “It is apparently an attempt to render

Journalists Terkoğlu, Kılınç Arrested over Report on Killed Intelligence Officer in Libya

Both journalists are charged with obtaining and disclosing information on intelligence operations.

Journalists Union of Turkey Protests Arrest of Journalists in Front of Courthouse

Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS) has denounced the arrest of journalists in a protest in front of the İstanbul Courthouse in

Turkish president demands purge of religion from politics – archive, 1924

3 March 1924 Great crowds had gathered outside the National Assembly, and the building itself was packed by the time he rose to make his speech

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Constantinople, Saturday
Mustapha Kemal’s speech in the National Assembly to-day, which has been foreshadowed in some quarters as likely to mark an epoch in Turkish history, referred in general terms to the necessity of purging religion from political ties, unifying the system of education, and rescuing the judicial organisation from the influences under which it has hitherto laboured. The speech was received with enthusiasm by Liberals but coldly by the minority of Clericals and Conservatives

Speaking Freely: Ahmet Alphan Sabancı

Ahmet Alphan Sabancı is a Turkish digital activist who works on free expression, security and privacy. 

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