The 18TH FEMINIST NIGHT MARCH IN İSTANBUL was met with tear gas, rubber bullets… #8M2020

Reuters – Emin Caliskan – Mar 8, 11:19 AM

ISTANBULISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish police used tear gas to disperse a few dozen women who were still in central Istanbul after trying to march on Sunday evening to celebrate International Women’s Day. Reuters reporters saw the crowd, which was


Women gathered on city squares to mark International Women’s Day, chanting slogans against male violence, war and economic crisis.


Police on March 8 used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd gathered on Taksim’s Istiklal Street to mark International Women’s Day, while also detaining 34 people.

Earlier in the day, Istanbul Governor’s Office announced the decision to close down Taksim metro station and parts of nearby Şişhane station and to block all the roads leading to main square.

Gathering in the side streets to reach İstiklal Avenue for the Feminist Night March in İstanbul, women have been stopped by police barricades. While the police have attacked the women with tear gas, at least 32 people have been detained.

A lawsuit has been filed against Ayşen Kavas, Fidan Ataselim, Nisa Kör, Seda Elhan Barbaros, Sevda Yeniköylü and Yaprak Okatalı, who protested male violence with Las Tesis dance in Kadıköy, İstanbul. They face six months to three years in prison.
According to the figures shared by the Health and Safety Labor Watch on the occasion of International Women’s Day, at least 817 women workers lost their lives in occupational homicides in Turkey from 2013 to 2019.

A 17-year-old was killed when a car hit him as he rode an electric scooter in central Istanbul.

A car hit the 17-year-old male was riding on Büyükdere Street, one of the main boulevards connecting Istanbul neighborhoods.

Passenger Okan Y. was thrown off the scooter and died on the scene.


Turkey has ranked in the top 10 countries to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a survey by London-based social media company We Are Social revealed.

The number of Instagram users in Turkey has risen by 2.8 percent in 2020, reaching a total number of 38 million users. Turkey ranks sixth in the world in terms of Instagram usage.

Turks spend on average some two hours and 48 minutes on social media on a daily basis, while the time they remain glued to the tube is two hours and 44 minutes, according to a study jointly carried out by the Association for Mobile Communication Devices and Information Technologies Businessmen (MOBİSAD) and Istanbul University.
Turkey’s score in Freedom in the World 2020, the latest edition of the annual country-by-country…

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