Coronavirus: Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people

Milan and Venice are among the cities in the lock-down zone as Italy tries to contain the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Italy death toll soars amid travel ban

Italy’s coronavirus death toll jumps by 133 in a day to 366, as millions adapt to new restrictions.

As Coronavirus infections near 100,000 worldwide, fear of mass deaths for the poor

The number of people around the world who are infected with the new coronavirus is close to 100,000 as of Friday, according
As thousands of migrants faced off against Greek security forces on the country’s border with…

European Council on Foreign Relations – Mar 3, 7:47 AM

Over the past two years, French President Emmanuel Macron has put major strategic issues of our time at the heart of the European debate. We should be grateful to him for this – Europe cannot simply carry on as before when the situation in



Some people says " Let them die!" Some people does this. The Earth is interesting place from Turkey


Sweden ranked the EU’s most innovative nation from europe



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