#Istanbul Governor bans ‘No to War’ slogan and other anti-war rhetoric until March 10 (!) #Syria

Istanbul Governor bans anti-war rhetoric until March 10

Duvar English The Istanbul Governor’s Office has banned anti-war rhetoric and anti-war events until March 10 on the
The Governorship has announced that “the events and demonstrations to be held in the city with the aim of criticizing or calling for an end to the military operations of the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria have been banned till March 10.”

Erdoğan is using migrants as a weapon – Austrian chancellor | Ahval

Austrian Chancellor Sebastien Kurz accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of using migrants…
Following Greece’s plans to temporarily suspend the registration of asylum requests, Amnesty International has released a statement and said, “People who are seeking asylum in Greece should be helped, not treated as criminals or a security threat.”

Erdoğan puts EU’s failure to agree a common migration policy in spotlight

Distracted leaders have been unable to agree on how to ease the burden on frontline states It was said to be the
Journalist Stelyo Berberakis has told bianet about what is happening in Greece after Turkey opened its borders for refugees.

Turkey uses superior tech to deal heavy blow to Assad army | Ahval

Turkey’s use of armed drones to strike Syrian government targets in Idlib, northwest Syria, has

Greek coastguards had been filmed pushing away a dinghy with poles and opening fire into water in an effort to block migrants from entering the country. Thousands of people have been trying to enter Greece by land and by sea after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced Turkey would no longer stop migrants from crossing into Europe through the Turkish-Greek border

The drowning, after a dinghy capsized, was the first since the Turkish government said it would no longer stop migrants from crossing into Europe.

Migrants flock to Greek border on foot hours after Turkey clears crossings

Flocks of migrants are the Greek-Turkish border hours after Ankara declared it would no longer stop migrants from crossing over to Europe on Feb. 27.

Most groups carry their belongings, and among them are a notable number of young children and babies.

Turkey Vows to Resist Attacks Against Its Forces in Syria

After 33 Turkish soldiers were killed in strikes in Syria, fears have risen of open conflict with Russia.

Europeans tighten borders as Turkey ‘opens the gates’ to refugees

Ankara says it will no longer prevent refugees from going to Europe after Turkish fighters killed in Syria’s Idlib.

We fought Russia 16 times and will fight it again,’ Erdoğan’s advisor says after Idlib attack

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s advisor Mesut Hakkı Çaşın has said that Turkey fought Russia 16 times in

Turkey, Pressing E.U. for Help in Syria, Threatens to Open Borders to Refugees

Turkish news outlets showed live broadcasts of migrants traveling to the border with Greece, hinting at a revival of

Russian state TV claims Turkish troops fire on Russian planes in Idlib

Russian state television said on Feb. 27 Turkish military specialists in Syria’s Idlib region were using shoulder-

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