Tragedy at the Turkey-Greece Border; Turkey Declares Major Offensive Against Syrian Government


Refugees arrive on Lesbos as Turkey opens border – video

Three boats of refugees have landed on Lesbos in the last 24 hours as the island prepares for an influx of people after Turkey

Clashes as thousands gather at Turkish border to cross into Greece

EU border agency on ‘high alert’ as Turkish president Erdoğan keeps crossings open Migrants trying to reach Europe have

Turkey Declares Major Offensive Against Syrian Government

After suffering its worst casualties in years, Turkey is openly declaring war against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad.

Turkey launches military operation against Syrian regime: Defense Minister

The Turkish military launched Operation Spring Shield in Idlib in response to the brutal Assad regime attack on Feb. 27,

Turkey’s killer drones posing Syria air challenge to Russia – Bloomberg | Ahval

Turkey’s deployment of swarms of killer drones to strike Russian-backed Syrian government force

Greece suspends asylum applications as migrants seek to leave Turkey

Greek officials earlier said they stopped 10,000 migrants crossing the land border with Turkey.

Greece Sends Army to Border as Turkey Open Gates for Migrants

The military deployed troops to the northern border with Turkey, and automated text messages told migrants not to cross over.

Erdoğan says border will stay open as Greece tries to repel influx

Turkish leader claims 18,000 people have crossed into EU but some are met with teargas Thousands of migrants may be in

Lesbos fears repeat of 2015 as refugees head for Greek island

Turkish decision to open doors to Europe for migrants risks overwhelming resources Moses Kamaras stands at the foot of

Syria war: Turkey intensifies Idlib onslaught after air strike

Turkey, which backs the Syrian opposition, targets government forces after a spike in tensions.

Buses in Istanbul transport refugees from Turkey to border with Greece for free

On a cold night in Istanbul, Hani al-Hassan sat on the street with his wife and child waiting for the buses that will take them for free to the Turkish-Greek
A group of people chanted slogans outside the homes of three reporters, Sputnik said, questioning how those people found the address.

Former Arab partners abandoned Erdoğan in Syria – DW | Ahval

A range of Arab states that once joined Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in supporting the

Syria war: Turkish drone strikes ‘kill 19 Syrian soldiers’

Turkey, which backs the Syrian opposition, targets government forces after a spike in tensions.
As Turkey has opened border gates for the passage of refugees in the wake of Idlib attack on February 27, the security forces of Greece have attacked the refugees with plastic bullets, stun grenades, tear gas and pressurized water.
The Turkish president lashed out at E.U. leaders for not helping Turkey manage a growing crisis in northern Syria.

President Erdogan “opened the doors” for them to exit, saying his country can no longer host them.
Athens says it will push back any undocumented migrants from Turkey as Ankara opens borders for Europe-bound refugees.

Turkish official briefs US envoy on situation in Idlib

The Turkish deputy foreign minister briefed the top U.S. diplomat in the country on developments in the wake of Feb. 27’s

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