This is something some Turks will be embarrassed for ages: Refugees sent to European borders as bargain chips…

Dozens of Syrian refugees were seen rushing to board coaches in Turkey’s Istanbul on Friday after Ankara decided to open its border to Europe. The move comes after an airstrike on Thursday killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers in Syria’s Idlib province. Fearing the window to leave Turkey would soon close, some of the 3.6 million Syrians living in the country have begun to vacate


“Busses full of migrants are leaving Istanbul terminal to Edirne every 15 minutes. %95 are men who are empty-handed or with only a backpack or a plastic bag. Africans, North Africans are along with Syrians. They say their goal is first Greece then West Europe.

“Dağhan Irak (@daghanirak):
probably for the first time in media history, a news agency is producing live coverage of state-sponsored human trafficking, with drones and everything.

Jennifer Hattam (@TheTurkishLife):
Turkish flags hang from shops in Istanbul after news overnight of Turkish soldiers killed in Syria.

Syria war: Turkey lets refugees exit towards Europe

The move comes after 33 Turkish troops were killed in Syria, where 1m civilians are fleeing fighting.

Turkey, Pressing E.U. for Help in Syria, Threatens to Open Borders to Refugees

Turkish news outlets showed live broadcasts of migrants traveling to the border with Greece, hinting at a revival of

Military analyst details Idlib attack, says both Russian and Syrian jets targeted Turkish troops

Duvar English
Well-informed military analyst Metin Gürcan has detailed what transpired on the day of the attack that

Idlib: UN holds emergency session after Turkish troops killed

Erdogan, Putin ‘voice concern’ over Idlib as Turkey says 33 of its troops were killed in Syrian government attacks.
Turkey says it is no longer preventing Syrians from leaving for Europe – and the refugees want to move.
Turkish officials were quoted as saying Ankara won’t stop Syrian refugees who want to cross border points into the EU.

Thousands of irregular migrants have flocked to Edirne, a border province in northwestern Turkey, to make their way to Europe.

Julia Hahn (@juliahahntv):
Tonight @ #Turkey’s border with : Hundreds of ppl demand passage. They’ve headed here from elsewhere in TR after reports the country would no longer stop refugees from reaching Europe. But Greece’s border remained closed, police repeatedly fired tear gas. Via @tuncaogreten

Gülşah İnce (@gulsahince):
Çoğu Suriyeli göçmenler Edirne’deki Avrupa kapısında nasıl mı karşılandı? Biber gazıyla… Nefes alabilsin diye oğlunu bağrına basan bir baba…

Some accounts claim that TRT Arabic channel actually showed refugees the routes to take into the depth of Europe:

Dağhan Irak (@daghanirak):
A Haber: 23.05
TRT: 23.08
NTV: 23.09
CNN Türk: 23.11

Telefonun geliş sırası bu muhtemelen. İktidara yakınlık sırasıyla uyumlu.




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