It is legal but hunting these beautiful goats still makes you a**holes

A married couple of American tourists in the southeastern province of Adıyaman hunted two mountain goats, animals that are considered sacred in the Alevi faith, which majority of the local population adhere to.

Turkey’s Natural Preservation and National Parks Directorate gives out hunting permits seasonally for mountain goats that are older than eight and had set a limit of 30 goats for the current season, which ends March 31.

After practicing at the Sincik Hunting Grounds, Emieblcek Harris shot and killed an 11-year-old mountain goat with 130-centimeter-long horns while her husband hunted down a goat with 118-centimeter-long horns.

US couple hunt, kill mountain goat in Turkey’s Adıyaman

A U.S. couple have hunted and killed a mountain goat in eastern province of Adıyaman after being given permission by

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