Modern times espionage… #Cyberculture agenda: “Former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia

The Washington Post – Ellen Nakashima, Greg Bensinger – Nov 6, 1:46 PM

Abouammo is also charged with falsifying an invoice to obstruct an FBI investigation. The second former Twitter employee — Ali Alzabarah, a Saudi citizen — was accused of accessing the personal information of more than 6,000 Twitter

Twitter Insiders Allegedly Spied for Saudi Arabia

Hackers are one thing. But too few companies take the threat of an inside job seriously enough.

California Reveals It’s Been Investigating Facebook

As attorneys general from one state after another announced probes into tech giants this year, California’s was conspicuously

The Internet Archive’s Open Library will let you sponsor a book, paying for it to be scanned

The Internet Archive’s Open Library scans books that they have physical copies of, then lends the resulting ebooks to its
The New York Times – Mike McIntire – Nov 2, 4:20 AM

In September, an obscure Twitter account promoting a fringe belief about an anti-Trump cabal within the government tweeted out a hashtag: #FakeWhistleblower. It was typical for the anonymous account, which traffics in far-right content and a…

Internet pioneers imagine the next 50 years

People who have had the internet at their fingertips since birth can find it difficult to imagine a world in which information and

Experts Optimistic About the Next 50 Years of Digital Life

The year 1969 was a pivot point in culture, science and technology. On Jan. 30, the Beatles played their last show. On July 20, the world watched in awe as Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin become the first humans to walk on the moon. Less than a month later, nearly half a million music fans overran a muddy field near Woodstock, New York, for what Rolling Stone calls the “greatest rock festival ever.”

Trust me’ – I am an algorithm

Algorithms are not neutral. They are full of bias, misunderstandings and human prejudices. So, can we trust them?

Ebook Piracy Grows, Contrary to The Trend

Piracy statistics can be tricky. Trends often go in different directions, depending on the region, the type of media, as well as the

Americans and Digital Knowledge

(picture alliance via Getty Images) A new Pew Research Center survey finds that Americans’ understanding of technology-

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