New İstanbul Airport on a PR assault- now with a few humanoid robots…

Three phases of İstanbul captured in this photo… “Yeni İstanbul silüeti Üç minare, iki kule, tek kadraj Altta Tahirefendi camii, üstünde Selimiye kışlası kulesi, arkasında Büyük Selimiye Camii, onun da arkasında yeni Çamlıca kulesi… Fotoğraf: Mehmet Subaşı via “

It looks like Washington Post has recently become a propaganda venue for the Turkish government (Erdoğan writing about the Khashoggi murder etc). Now a piece of news on the “innovation” section.

Istanbul’s new airport is one of the world’s largest. A fleet of humanoid robots is helping passengers find their way around.

October 1 at 6:00 AM

Earlier this year, thousands of flights began landing at Istanbul’s new $11 billion airport, a sprawling behemoth that occupies an area larger than Manhattan and may eventually become the world’s busiest air hub.

How do you help millions of harried passengers each year navigate an 818 million-square-foot facility with five concourses and 143 boarding gates.

One answer, according to airport officials, is a fleet of humanoid robots….

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