Photographers worked hard to get shots like this at the G8 summit.

No good news from the UK: “Government to ask Queen to suspend Parliament #Europe agenda.

BBC News – Aug 28, 1:10 AM

Government expected to suspend Parliament from mid-September, meaning MPs have limited time to stop no-deal Brexit This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest

G7 protests: Thousands march against summit

Most protesters say they are fed up with what they regard as elite politicians who are out of touch with ordinary people.
Photographers worked hard to get shots like this at the G8 summit.

G-7 cracks emerge on Iran as Trump contests French role

The first fissures emerged among G-7 leaders on Aug. 25 over how to deal with Iran, as U.S. President Donald Trump

Britain could ‘easily cope’ with no-deal Brexit

UK leader Boris Johnson said at the G7 summit that Britain could “easily cope” with a no-deal Brexit, adding that the £39bn [€43bn] Brexit settlement previously agreed by his country would not “strictly speaking” be owed to Brussels if there was no exit accord. He added that the prospect of a Brexit deal was “improving”, but EU officials said it was up to Britain to solve the Irish border issue.

G7 summit: Iranian foreign minister attends unexpected talks

Iran’s foreign minister makes a “surprise” visit to Biarritz to meet the French president.

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