#Europe agenda: Heatwave in southern countries and Social democratic wave (!) in Nordic countries…

France heatwave: Paris region closes schools

Regions around Paris announce school closures as France and Spain expect heat above 40C.

European heatwave: France hits record temperature of 44.3C

The new record was measured in the southern town of Carpentras amid a Europe-wide heatwave.

Europe’s heatwave in pictures

All-time records begin to fall as temperatures continue to soar across much of Europe.
European heatwave: Spain battles major Catalonia wildfire

Firefighters battle blazes said to be Catalonia’s worst for 20 years, as Europe swelters in the heat.

Denmark completes social democrat sweep of Nordics

Danish Social Democrat leader, Mette Frederiksen, will form new one-party minority government based on support from
Danish PM Frederiksen takes power and joins Nordic swing to left

Mette Frederiksen is the third centre-left leader to take office in a Nordic country this year.
Pools in France close after women defy burkini ban

Muslim women wearing ‘burkinis’ swam in pools despite a municipal ban on the full-body swimwear.

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