Now official. AKP loses İstanbul and Ankara municipalities. A massive blow after 25 years…

The central government will probably make its best to make it hell for these new local mayors. However, moral superiority is now at the opposition. If the latter uses this opportunity well, it may become the end of AKP rule. Previously, Erdoğan would learn his lessons and react productively. However, I do not believe he has kept any sane advisors around him. It will be harder to learn lessons or to correct the path…  And a massive economic crisis is waiting…


Mavi Boncuk |

2019 Local Elections Winners according to provincial capitals:
AKP        CHP        MHP        HDP        TKP        Independent

* Parties are ordered according to popular vote. Due to the different electoral systems used to elect different mayoral and councillor positions, the ordering of parties based on positions won can vary.

2019 Local Elections Winners (based on coalition wins AK Parti+MHP)

Is Turkish poll shock the beginning of the end for Erdoğan?

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How Did Newspapers Cover Local Election Results?

Pro-government newspapers focus on AKP’s general voting share, while others say the People’s Alliance have lost. Here is

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