#Journalism agenda: “Here’s why low-credibility news seems to dominate Twitter…

With the entire world seemingly up in arms over “fake news,” you’d think it would have been wiped out by now. Yet low-credibility content continues to thrive on social media thanks to the disproportionately influential effect that social media bots have on humans. A team of researchers from Indiana University at Bloomington recently conducted a ground-breaking study to determine how low-quality news sites manage to reach so many people with dubious articles. And, as you might guess, the answer is bots. The problem TNW spoke with Filippo Menczer, the professor who led the research. He told us that despite the…

Canada introduces a $595 million package in support of journalism

While Americans spent last week pardoning (and eating) turkeys, our neighbors to the north were focused on bringing home the bacon for Canadian journalism.


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