Hmmm a Rand Report: “Russia’s Use of Media and Information Operations in Turkey

Russia’s Use of Media and Information Operations in Turkey

This Perspective assesses how Russia has used media and information operations to support its foreign policy goals related to Turkey.
Turkey has slammed French President Emmanuel Macron over his definition of the current government led by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as “Islamic and anti-European,” stressing that the European Union will be stronger with Turkey’s participation.
The members of a delegation from the United States Congresg, who visited Turkey and met with their Turkish parliament counterparts on Aug. 27, have urged Ankara to give up purchasing S-400 missile systems from Russia to receive the F-35 fighter jets.
The former guard pleaded guilty to taking at least $25,000 from the wealthy Turkish gold trader in exchange for bringing him food, vitamin C packets and other contraband.
Reuters – Reuters Editorial – Aug 27, 4:02 AM

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Turkey’s currency crisis has roiled emerging-markets investors far and wide, including the U.S. state of Tennessee, where the state’s retirement system is the biggest institutional holder in a Turkey exchange-traded fund (ETF).


Foreign Policy – Durmus Yilmaz – Aug 22, 10:44 AM

For most of the 2000s, Turkey was one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. The country’s ambitions soared even higher than its achievements: Ankara openly aspired to be the world’s 10th-largest market with a $2 trillion economy, exports


How Turkey’s lira crisis was written in Istanbul’s skyline

Those observing Istanbul’s construction boom will not have been surprised by last week’s currency collapse – it’s all based on debt

From a distance, Esenyurt, a newly built up neighbourhood on the edges of Istanbul, looks a bit like Hong Kong or Dubai, with a bustling downtown of shiny skyscrapers. Upon closer examination, however, you notice that tower after tower stands incomplete, lacking windows or furnishings; others are only half-occupied, their windows dark after nightfall.

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