#Cyberculture agenda:”An Irish band’s tribute to Aaron Swartz…

An Irish band’s tribute to Aaron Swartz

Brian writes, “I play in band in Dublin, Ireland. In January 2017 we released an album called ‘Long Gone’ and on it we had a song called ‘Papaya‘ which I wrote after watching The Internet’s Own Boy. It is a tribute to Aaron Swartz. The title came when I was singing ‘The panic is spreading like fire’ I really spat out the ‘like fire’ and the rest of the guys in the band thought I was saying ‘papaya’. The ‘Simple, really, simple reallys…’ came from RSS.”

EU’s interactive map lets you explore the local cryptocurrency startup scene

Have you ever wanted explore the cryptocurrency scene in Europe? The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum has built a nifty interactive map that lets you scout the European crypto-ecosystem for relevant startups and events. The tool makes it pretty easy to discover blockchain companies and events.

Things have not been going Stephen Bannon’s way lately. He got ousted from the Trump administration in August last year and from far-right publication Breitbart News in January this year. But it appears he has a new masterplan to make a grand comeback. A report from the New York Times (NYT) indicates that the former President Trump’s Chief Strategist is now betting on cryptocurrencies. He already has a ‘good stake’ in Bitcoin and plans to help companies — even, countries —  create new virtual currencies of their own. Bannon didn’t reveal his exact plans with cryptocurrencies to NYT — fearing…

Beyond sex robots: Exploring other erotic technologies

Sex robots, more specifically sex dolls, are getting all the media attention, despite a bigger alternative market for other erotic technologies. From sound-controlled vibrators to 3D printed clitorises, these products get overshadowed by both hype and concern over how the dolls would affect human sexuality and relationships.  But the future of sex is more than just sex robots. And the sex tech revolution is heading in a direction that’s different from what’s been seen in the news. Sex tech is a controversial field. Help WikiTribune explore the other possibilities in this niche but growing market. Questions we’re interesting in exploring

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