Media framing- Same scene four different perspectives at the #G7 Summit (via @fabreinbold)

Pointed out by 

by Merkel‘s team
by Macron’s team
by Conte’s team
by Trump’s team



Trump Shocks Allies With Tweets Insulting Trudeau, Backing Out of G-7 Statement

President Donald Trump left the G-7 summit early to go to Singapore but he still managed to turn the proceedings into a chaotic mess without his presence with a pair of tweets that insulted the leader of one of the strongest U.S. allies and said his administration would not endorse the final statement of the two-day meeting. Trump tweeted aboard Air Force One that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “dishonest & weak” and that his administration would look at imposing tariffs on cars that are “flooding the U.S. market.”

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