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How Europe’s GDPR Regulations Became a Meme

Internet users fed up with flooded inboxes are turning wonky policy changes into Twitter gold.
How GDPR is affecting the games you love

The tech world has been bracing for a new set of European privacy rules that go into effect: the General Data Protection Regulation, better known as GDPR. Companies will have either changed how they handle their EU users’ personal data or face seriou

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation laws are now in effect, and we’re getting a sense of what publishers have decided to implement on their websites as of May 25 — whether they’ve decided to block European Union and European Economic Area-based traffic outright, set up buckets of consent for readers to click through, or something simpler. (Or nothing new at all.)

New data protection laws in the European Union mean the Internet is about to change for millions of users.

GDPR: Don’t forget to bring a towel!


What is GDPR? Technology explained

A new EU law that changes how companies use our personal information kicks in on 25 May.

GDPR is finally here, and it’s already chaos

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