#europe agenda: meet “Captain Europe”… “Map of separatist support in Europe….

I know that this doesn’t strictly have anything to do with tech — except for the social media presence — but trust me, you’ll want to know more about this. While scrolling through Twitter, on the prowl for stories on EU tech regulations (I’m the fun guy at the office), I came across the profile of none other than Europe’s only real-life superhero: Captain Europe. Donning a renaissance style garb — gold-and-blue hat and mask along with a cape made of the European flag — Captain Europe goes around the continent spreading his message of unity and the European partnership.…
Map of separatist support in Europe

Compiled by redditor bezzleford, this map offers a rough view of support for independence in various European regions. Scotland and Catalonia are well-known hotspots, but I didn’t know about Sardinia or Venice. And, of course, there’s the good old Serb Republic!

Catalonia: Spain issues deadline to separatists

Madrid gives Catalonia’s leader five days to clarify whether or not he has declared independence.
Spain threatened today (11 October) to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy if it follows through on its threat to break away as an independent country.

A woman rebukes the National Police during the Catalan referendum, on October 1st 2017. Photo by Vicens Forner Puig, with with permission.

Catalonia independence: Huge Spain unity rally in Barcelona

At least 350,000 people protest against secession amid speculation Catalan leaders may declare independence.

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