#Cyberculture agenda: “Facebook outsources its fake news problem to Wikipedia…

Facebook made nearly $27 billion last year, but the tech giant can’t seem to figure out how to fix its fake news problem on its own.

Slashdot is 20

Destinyland writes, “Slashdot turns 20 years old today [Ed: here’s my post from Slashdot’s 10th birthday!], and to celebrate they’ve gone back to look at how some of the highlights — like the time they refused Microsoft’s demand that they delete a comment. (“I’m sure you agree that freedom of speech is at least as important a principle under American law as the freedom to innovate, so I’m sure that you personally, and Microsoft corporately, will understand our hesitation to engage in censorship. Indeed, after reflecting on the nature of freedom for a little while, you may wish to withdraw your request that we remove readers’ comments from Slashdot.”)

All of the New Gadgets Google Just Announced

At the Google Hardware Event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the company announced a slew of new devices. The belles of the ball were the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, the second generation of the product line that Google launched in 2016. The Pixel 2 XL, manufactured by LG, sports a new six-inch display screen, while the Pixel 2, built by HTC, looks largely the same as the original.


The #FreeBassel Effect Proves Online Activism Is Still Powerful

My friend Bassel Khartabil may no longer be with us, but his dream of spreading open culture to the Middle East will live on through those it inspires and enables.

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