It seems that intra-party struggles led #istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş’ resignation from his post…

Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş on Sept. 22 announced that he was stepping down from his post, which he had held for the past 13 years

Istanbul 3rd worst city in world for road rage: Research

Istanbul has been ranked as third worst city in the world for road rage, according to research carried out by German automobile company kfzteile2

Istanbul Coffee festival

The 4th Istanbul Coffee Festival will be organized between Sept. 21 and 24 at Küçükçiftlikpark. The event will feature workshops and seminars related to coffee, live performances and talks with coffee experts and the world’s leading baristas.
The number of foreign tourists visiting Istanbul rose by 10.8 percent in the first eight months of this year, when compared to the same period last year, hitting 6.95 million, Culture and Tourism Ministry data has shown.

Istanbul’s mayor announces his sudden resignation

ISTANBUL — The mayor of Istanbul has announced his resignation as head of the city of nearly 15 million people. Kadir Topbas, a member of …

The Istanbul Biennial: Art that taps into the zeitgeist

Istanbul Biennial reflects the world we think we are in – one in which we are desperately in need of A Good Neighbour

The hottest startups in Istanbul

Just months after 2016’s attempted coup and the subsequent political crackdowns, Turkish startups received 43 funding rounds, investments from

Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities’ succeeds as both vibrant history and personal tribute

More emblematic of this intense struggle than any other city is the beautiful, atmospheric place now known as Istanbul, the subject of the terrifically

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