Just another view from the cabin.

It was in my reading list and I started to read the novel, Night Train to Lisbon. It was a good coincidence that I came to Zurich and now in Austria we are talking about the project that will take place in Lisbon. The main protagonist in the novel is from Switzerland. Although not from Zurich, I can still feel as if I am in where he used to be. Then the protagonist goes to Lisbon and his narrations remind me my previous stays in Lisbon. The novel is melancholic and it makes me melancholic, too. But apart from that it creates locational sensations.

Meanwhile, our meeting continues. It is actually a meeting, not metaphorical, in that beautiful cabin I mentioned in an earlier post. We are hosted by dear Prof. Tanja EISELEN, FHV University’s rector.

The pre-meeting team.



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