A few days in the Black Sea Region…

I am relatively silent in the blog nowadays. One reason is that I am wandering around in the Black Sea region. But also I believe it is time to have a change in blog orientation. I hope to write about it soon. But for the trip:


We flew to Trabzon on last Thursday (17 August) and drove to Rize Çamlıhemşin. A longer drive than I expected. Çamlıhemşin is 60 km away from Rize town center. By we, I mean and my brother, stayed in a bungalow house and took tours to go highlands. Our rented Hyundai i20 was not powerful enough to drive to highlands. Finally some really cool and fresh air!

At some point we were stressed by a thunder storm but we are fine.

Then we have decided to drive to Bayburt, our hometown every makes fun of. My two uncles are there at the moment, older one established a massive animal farm. However, Hakan’s time was up so I drove him back to Trabzon to catch his flight. Now I am Trabzon Forum Mall, as if there are no malls in İstanbul, drinking my filter coffee, after 5 days, and answering my emails.

Unfortunately, when Hakan was gone, I felt alone suddenly and I decided to go back to Istanbul. I fly back at night and until then I will hang out with one of my former students who lives in Trabzon now. I might end up in Çarşıbaşı, a district here where my mother actually gave birth to me at an house-


Then Levent came and I could not continue to write. In the meantime, yes I ended up in Çarşıbaşı, found the place where I was actually born.

Now I am back in town, at my office.

Palovit Falls. Çamlıhemşin, Rize. Me and my brother Hakan.



Gito Yaylası (Plateau)- One of the best scenes I had…

Our guide to plateaus.

Here is where I was actually born. Just above what is currently a Samsung store (the store is still owned by the family my father used to work with:

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